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Thumbs up for scoring table reservations in the Oktoberfest beer tent in Munich, Germany

Top Tips for Getting Oktoberfest Table Reservations

Every year Oktoberfest seems to get bigger and better than ever. More than six million people make it to the famous Theresienwiese in Munich where the sixteen-day celebration of German Beer and Bavarian culture takes place. So how do you get Oktoberfest table reservations? It’s...
Wine tent Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest for Wine Lovers

The Weinzelt is the place to be for wine lovers the world over While Oktoberfest is renowned for its variety and massive volume of beer, wine has always been a popular alternative for festival goes who prefer it over the liquid amber. In fact, the wine tent offers a diverse range...
Beer Halls to Beer Tents

From the Beer Halls to the Beer Tents

Beer halls were the earliest ways that local patrons had their fill. Breweries began to set up tables outside in the summer so that a strong draught could be enjoyed straight from the keg on a hot day. Over time, this practice led to the idea of the beer gardens which have become...
Marstall Beer Tent

The Marstall Tent: Newcomer to Oktoberfest

Back in April, it was announced that the Hippodrome tent would not return to the Wiesn this year, and since then there’s been talk about who would take its place. Earlier last year it was announced that the Able family tent, The Marstall tent would be the big newcomer at the...
Hacker Tent

The Beer Tents: Hacker-Festzelt

The Hacker tent has been a regular at Oktoberfest since 1907. Naturally, they serve Hacker-Pschorr beer here. The mood is boisterous, people stand up on benches, there is a high flirtation factor and you can really let yourself go. The Hacker tent has a genuine atmosphere and it...
Hofbräu Festzelt Oktoberfest

The Beer Tents: Hofbräu-Festzelt

A huge number of Oktoberfest visitors like to go to the Hofbräu tent: the biggest beer tent at Oktoberfest, where there’s a ton of things going on. When entering, you’ll see Aloisius from the short satire ‘A Munich in Heaven’ with his harp who is decorated with hops bines from...