After Oktoberfest

Where To Go When the Lights Go Out at Oktoberfest

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Life after Oktoberfest at Munich’s famous After Parties Oktoberfest doesn’t have to end every night when the beg tents close (around 10pm) – there’s still a lot to do and see around Munich. It seems like the whole festival migrates to the Käfer Wiesn-Schänke tent first...
Travel Tips for Oktoberfest

Top Travel Tips for Oktoberfest Tent Crawl

Anybody who’s been to Oktoberfest before will know just how busy it gets and how long you can end up waiting for a table, worse still if you’ve travelled in a group. For those trying their hand at their first Oktoberfest tent crawl there is some general advice about getting...
Beer Drinking Destination

Why Germany is the World’s Favourite Beer Drinking Destination

Recent findings from the Nation Brands Index have revealed that Germany is at the forefront of the world in many industries. And when it comes to the manufacture and brewing of beer, there is no one better as ensured by the Reinheitsgebot, or the ‘German Beer Purity Law’. The...
Oktoberfest Legend Jimmy Mitchell

Oktoberfest Legend: Jimmy Mitchell, Scotland

A big hello from Jimmy Mitchell in Scotland, who recounts his Oktoberfest experience. My pals and I have just been on our 5th visit this year, travelling regularly from Bonny Scotland (Falkirk to be specific). It started as a stag trip in 2009 when 8 of us travelled, then a...
Oktoberfest Legend Dan Moynihan

Oktoberfest Legend – Dan Moynihan, USA

Once was never enough for Dan, who just attended his 4th Oktoberfest in Munich. Apparently he’s still thirsty for more and will be back again next year. How many times have you been to Oktoberfest and which years? I have been to Oktoberfest 4 times. 2011,2013,2014 and 2015....
Oktoberfest Legend Kirby Trostel

Oktoberfest Legend – Kirby Trostel, USA

Oktoberfest newcomer Kirby Trostel, from the USA, had the time of her life at the 2015 festival. So much so, she’s already planning to come back. How many times have you been to Oktoberfest? 2015 was my first time, and hopefully not my last! How was your Oktoberfest...
Oktoberfest 2015 Beer Consumption

Oktoberfest Serves Over 7 Million Litres of Beer

Oktoberfest always promises a beer experience like no other. The 2015 festival once again lived up to its promises, with 7.3 million Litres of beer being guzzled by 5.9 million visitors. This includes every man, woman and child (and yes there are family days and school excursions...
Oktoberfest Blumenau 2015

Why Oktoberfest Blumenau is a Must-see

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Founded in 1850, the riverside city of Blumenau in Brazil is home to the biggest German festival in South America and one of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations outside of its original home in Munich. The inaugural celebration was held in 1984 in the aftermath of a devastating...
Oktoberfest Apps

The best Oktoberfest Apps

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The fields of the Theresienwiese are the spacious 103 acres that are the home to many German festivals throughout the year including, most notably, Oktoberfest. Even when the fields aren’t populated by half a million people at a time and your vision isn’t obscured by...
Beer drinking law Oktoberfest

The Beer Drinking Law of Oktoberfest

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As with the greatest of celebration of anything in life, there are rules. The strict regulations on what is served at Oktoberfest come down from the German Brewers Federation. Beers must contain only malted barley (contains gluten), yeast, hops, and water. Originating in 1487 and...